Friday, July 31, 2009

Ships in the Home

I have been digging all of the ship images in home decor lately. I'm not completely sure why -- it must have to do with my fondness for all things vintage, because I've never been into sailing or anything like that. Anyway, I recently bought this fantastic little vase by Diana Fayt that's screenprinted with an image of a ship (above). It's sitting on our mantel and, despite being just 4" x 2.5", it adds a dignified feel to our living room.

Some other ship-bearing items that I love are the
Night and Morning Sky Shadowboxes from Wisteria:

Thomas Paul
's Seafarer pillows:

and John Derian's oval plate:

All this talk of ships makes me want to re-read
Wide Sargasso Sea.

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rikki said...

Ahoy! That's good style! :)