Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Design Fix

I like Thursdays for many reasons, two of which are the New York Times' and Washington Post's home sections. I like to read them the old-fashioned way -- on paper while riding the Metro.

In the Post, I love "
House Calls." I don't think I can ever get enough of before-and-afters. Plus, you can get a lot of tips on how to solve design dilemmas and some great finds at stores you may not have known of. Today's is a family room re-do by local designer Iantha Carley. What a huge difference. I love the activity table she chose, and I love how she worked in furniture from Ikea and Target.

The Times' article
The New Antiquarians is, of course, spot on. I have been loving this trend. I don't embrace it completely -- full on, it's a little too dark for me -- but I like to mix it in to our colorful cottagey/vintage/eclectic decor (not sure what to call's probably just "contemporary").



AshleighAndJeff said...

Jeff figures this is where Neutral Milk Hotel recorded their album, among taxidermic wildlife in windowless rooms. Very inspirational! I agree with adding a few more "cuddly" items (preferably with less exposed skeletal bones).

Loving the blog, can't wait to read more! We will need a LOT of decorating help in LA!!!

Michelle said...

Ha, ha -- totally!

Looks like your journey is going very well. I love keeping up with it and reading your Jeff's hilarious posts.

By the way, LOVE your profile pic! :)

rikki said...

Michelle - can we get matching fencing masks?

Michelle said...

Rikki, I would be honored.