Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cheap & Cheerful Window Seats

The top level of our house -- a renovated attic that serves as our guest room and office -- is starting to come together. It has four windows, two of which are dormer windows, and it has a tree-house feel. The dormers were just begging for window seats. But given all the upgrades we did to the house since moving in the spring (like replacing the windows), custom window seats were out. (We don't know how to do that work and don't have time right now to learn.) So I searched the Web for some pre-fab, storage window seats with drawers or a seat that lifts up to reveal storage. But most of what I found was either too expensive or too big for the space, which is about 42.5" wide.

Next I searched for benches with cubbies. We'd still get a seat and some storage -- it would just be exposed. In addition to a general search, I looked at kids furniture stores. You'd be surprised at what you can find at places like PB Kids and Land of Nod that works for adult spaces. What I finally settled on was the Winslow White Twin-Size Small Cubbie Bench from ($100.99 each, free shipping, 20" h x 36.25" w x 15.75" d), which, interestingly, is marketed for kids rooms.

The two cubbies arrived in about a week and were easy to put together. I did it myself and it took about 45 minutes for each one. The final product is surprisingly sturdy and they have a nice presence in the room. I topped them with pillows from Persnickety Home made with Anna Maria Horner's Sketchbook in Blue fabric ($26 for two, plus inserts), and used some woven baskets I had from Pottery Barn to store craft and office supplies. Cashy loves sitting there with me and at looking out at the big, old maple tree in our front yard. And they just help make that room feel more finished now.

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