Friday, January 15, 2010

Twig Pick: Birds!

For my first post of 2010, a quick "Twig Pick." Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of birds (I guess my bird tattoo gives that away). And anyone who's been paying attention to fashion and home decor trends the last several years knows that birds have been all the rage. It's been kind of fun because there's been so much to choose from in the marketplace. (Though I know some people are pretty sick of it.) I think the trend might be at its zenith, though. Have you seen all of the bird accessories Pottery Barn has released for its spring collection? If you do a search for "bird" on their site, about 25 things come up. It's cute stuff. I especially like the "Bird Nest Chargers" ($16 each) and "Bird Salad Plates" ($40/set of 4) (see photo above). How sweet for an Easter brunch.

And look at this dining get-up from PB. I guess it's a little bird overkill, but it's still cute.

I'm so ready for spring!