Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glorious Grilling Recipes from Washington Post

My husband likes to grill and he's good at it. So I was intrigued when he told me about these grill/sautee recipes by Tony Rosenfled he recently saw on washingtonpost.com. We decided to try out a couple of them on a beautiful evening a few weekends ago and, OMG, they were so good. It took a lot of time -- they require a lot of chopping, and it's a two-part cooking method (grill, stove) -- but it is so worth it. It's helpful to have one person handle the grill and the other ready to take stove duty (not an easy feat when you have a toddler, but we managed).

The onions were ridiculous. We could not believe how rich and buttery they tasted, even though there is no butter in the recipe.

We accompanied the veggies with burgers and gorgonzola and a nice bottle of pinot noir. Yum. We'll definitely be making these recipes again, especially when we have people over.

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