Monday, May 3, 2010

Merrifield Garden Center: An Explosion of Spring

I was at Merrifield Garden Center this past weekend (a couple of times, actually). I have a lot of ideas for our front and back yards, but I'm not really sure what's feasible. I am such a novice gardener. Thankfully, the staff here is very knowledgeable and willing to share what they know, including the landscape designers. I also appreciate how it's is organized, with annuals and perennials clearly marked. And they have educational pamphlets throughout the nursery on things like how to care for specific plants or your lawn.

I took a few snapshots on my phone (I was at the Merrifield location) that I think just capture the season. I am trying to relish spring as much as possible this year (though it's been feeling like summer the last few days).

In addition to plants, they carry accessories and furniture for the outdoors and in (for example, the painted-wood potting table [$249], above). They are definitely pricey compared to some other nurseries in the area and big-box stores. For instance, I'm looking for a basic, 22" terracotta pot. I found one at Merrifield for $69, but I found a similar one at Home Depot for $49. For some things, though, I think it's worth the extra cost for the quality and design. And you just can't find some of the things Merrifield has at other places.

And I really like this trellis/lawn ornament (couldn't find a price).

Just being there inspires me to learn more about gardening. I'm looking forward to doing just that this year.

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