Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Mom's Garden

For Mother’s Day one year I got my mom a card that said, “Everything you touch grows.” This statement describes her perfectly: she’s extremely nurturing -- and an insanely good gardener. I can only hope that gardening talent is something that’s inherited. Both of her parents are/were very good gardeners (my grandfather grew the best tomatoes), and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it.

These photos are of the front of my parents’ house (they live in the Cleveland area). Not only is something always in bloom in the spring and summer, but whatever is blooming is vibrant. That pop of lime green against the dark green, purple and pink in the first photo is fantastic! And the house is surrounded by big, old trees. When I was growing up, each spring my front bedroom window was filled with light-pink crabapple blossoms. But the real stunner is their back garden and patio. It’s a beautiful, restful little haven -- it looks like something out of a magazine. I hope to have photos of that space to share here soon.

I wish I had had more of an interest in gardening when I was younger and living at home. I could have learned so much, and perhaps I would have become interested in entering a field having to do with horticulture or design at a younger age (before I went to college and grad school for other things). I guess I was too worried about hanging out, getting my homework done and participating in the five million activities I was always a part of.

At least I picked up on a few things. And I have sweet memories from when I was really little of helping my mom plant gladiolas and marigolds (I can recall that scent at any time), and of being amazed at her roses that twined their way up to the balcony off of my parents’ bedroom.

My mom's name is Rose; maybe she was destined to be a good gardener. My namesake is not a flower, but I still hope to reach her level of skill someday.

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